Sunday, June 27, 2010

Volcano Pull Apart Cake

Pictured: Strawberry Cupcakes, Chocolate frosting, graham cracker "dirt": volcano pull apart cake. Flowers and Backyardigan's characters optional. Choice of cake flavor and frosting flavor.
Price as see above: $25.00

Sand and Surf

Above: Sand and Surf Cupcakes. Yellow cake, white buttercream. Can be decorated with goldfish, swedish fish, sun/palm tree picks, or other ocean themed candy.

You pick: frosting flavor, cake flavor, and decorations.

Rainbow Cupcake Cones

Above: Simple yellow cake, baked within a cupcake cone. Perfect for parties! Rainbow frosting can be done in any colors, with any toppings! Pick any cake flavor. $1.50 per cupcake.

Saturday, June 12, 2010


For their fourth birthday, Justin and Matthew had a Backyardigans theme. They are really into that show right now so I decided to keep it simple and do Backyardigan's themed cupcakes, complete with green grass and whistles. I must have baked at least six dozen cupcakes (and my arm was sore enough to prove it) but they came out really cute!

Chugga Chugga Choo Choo

Birthday number three was a transportation theme! I found an awesome train cake pan (on clearance) at Linen's N' Things since they were going out of business. I made at least thirty train cakes, complete with a Twizzler track going around the entire table!

We're Going On a Trip....

In our favorite rocketship.....Rocket! For the boys second birthday I had this great idea that we were going to do The Little Einsteins theme and I was going to make a rocket cake. I practiced for months in advance. Did several test runs, practiced with frosting color to get it just right. I was pretty proud of the finished product. Technically, it's not a cupcake but it is too cute to not include.